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UPDATED: August 21, 2020

Thornton-Donovan School’s COVID Safety Plan

Dear T-D Families, Faculty, and Friends:

New York State has approved our Covid-19 protocols.To verify, if any student is kept home due to Covid-19 concerns, T-D will provide remote learning opportunities.

 Thornton-Donovan is pleased to return to live action on Thursday, September 10th. To safely return to campus T-D is presenting this set of protocols to help ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the entire school family.Central components of this plan involve face masks, physical distancing, and sanitation, testing, contact tracing, protocols for isolation and self-quarantine.Please understand that all guidance written below is subject to change in response to local public health, conditions, and local, state, and federal guidelines.Let’s hope 2020-21 is full of cooperation, mutual care, and interdependence in this most historic period – truly once in a blue moon.


1. Before your son or daughter goes to school, chart his or her temperature. With any reading over 100 F or 37 C keep your youngster home.

2. Before school each morning should any of these symptoms manifest themselves, medical attention or advice must be sought:
- fever
- abdominal pain
- coughing
- loss of smell/taste
- diahrrea
- sore throat
- shortness of breath

3.  All students in grades K-12 are required to wear face masks.  Upon arrival on campus all students, faculty, and staff will have temperatures taken and recorded outside at 100 Overlook Circle.  No student may exit any car until he/she is directed to do so.  Parents must wait until temperatures are taken and will be advised when it is ok to depart T-D.

4.Grades K-8 can arrive as early as 8 AM using the circular driveway and center portal (single door) and utilize the center staircase in the lobby to arrive on the second floor.  Grades K-8 will use that same center portal in the lobby for entrance and egress.

5. All 9-12 students will enter the main building (100 Overlook Circle) by utilizing the first set of doors (double) below the stained-glass window and use the staircase for access to the second, main, and basement floors.  The same set of double doors will be utilized for entrance and egress.

6. All students, faculty, and staff should bring and carry their own hand sanitizer (antibacterial wipes).

7.As no lunches will be served at T-D or delivered, everyone must bring his or her own lunch and beverage. No food or drink is to be shared.

8. All K-12 students will enjoy lunch in their respective homerooms. No food can be delivered. Juniors and seniors will not be allowed to leave campus for lunch and return back to T-D.

9. Any student with any free period/s in grades 11 and 12 will not be allowed to return at any time to T-D should he/she depart from the campus.

10. All personal items must always be kept to one’s self. No sharing of pencils, papers, texts, etc.

11. Students must always have their own backpacks with them. Desks in homerooms can serve as lockers for books as no lockers are available.

12. The playground will be cordoned off and basketball court will be closed, and no contact sports allowed. Students with a free period at the end of the day must leave the campus and not return until the following day.


13. Just like all students, all faculty members must wear face masks in every class and wear face masks in any and all classrooms in all of T-D’s five buildings.

14. Teachers will wipe down doorknobs, desks, and chairs in between periods.

15. All social distancing standards will be met during regular classes and with specials. There will be various markers placed in classes reinforcing the 6′ social distancing recommendation.

16. Materials used throughout the day will be wiped down.

17. All hard surface areas will be cleaned and disinfected before any class begins.

18. Teachers will utilize outdoor space as often as possible and if weather permits.

19. All interior classroom entrance doors and windows will remain open.

20. Teachers should maintain six feet from students whenever possible.

21. T-D will immediately contact the Westchester County Board of Health to report a possible Covid case. It will also immediately contact the family at the same time. The Westchester County Board of Health numbers are 914-813-5110 weekdays and 914-813-5000 evenings and weekends.  


22. Anyone entering the building, be it a parent, visitor, vendor, or delivery person must have his or her temperature taken.

23. Anyone already in T-D who develops a temperature will be isolated before being sent home (100F – 37C) and the Board of Health will be notified. 

24. T-D will reconfigure itself and its physical space moving chairs, tables, and desks to meet social distancing guidelines.

25. T-D will make full use of outdoor space and may extend it by adding tents and overhead coverage. 

26. Parents interested in teacher consultation must be done outside on campus. A call in to Annemarie or a call out to the parent will secure a meeting.

27. All T-D buildings will be cleaned and disinfected daily – offices, desks, chairs, windows, floors, and all work areas. 

28. All washrooms will be cleaned and disinfected a minimum of twice per day. 

29. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the school’s five buildings. 

30. Posters and signage will show info on how to prevent the spread of infection and reminders to wash hands. 

31. Should there be a single case of Covid within the school family, T-D will go on quarantine and convert to distance learning. Should there be more than one Covid confirmation within the first ten days of school, T-D will close through Tuesday, October 13th and will activate its distance learning throughout. 

32. For any student or teacher who tests positive, a 14-day quarantine period is necessary and two Covid tests must be administered with negative results to return. 

33. At 12 noon each day there will be a public service message reminding one and all to continue to wear face masks, frequent hand washing, and social distancing.


  T-D reopened on September 10th and to this day continues to be open. As of October 21st the School teaches dually, students can opt to be live in school and in class with in-person teaching or at home, elsewhere with virtual and remote as all classes can be delivered live. While T-D values the benefits that Google and the T-D faculty offer, students are best served with in class presence and daily attendance.

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